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Bargain hunters beware! Great wedding photography will be pricey

Many times wedding couples complain why wedding photography is pricey.  Most of them don’t realize there is an art to taking good professional photographs, not just pointing and shooting and that skill doesn’t come cheap.

Cheaper availability of gear and a lack of a real regulatory system for the photography industry, creates many so-called “professional photographers” that don’t even know the very basics of the trade like USING THE CAMERA (Duh!).

Wedding Photography bargain hunters risk losing the memories of their most special day while commending this task to uncle John or -worse- these weekend photographers. This is exactly what happened to a very unfortunate british couple.westgate photography


Personally and professionally, I’m stunned this could happen, but then, both parts are to blame here. First, the so-called “photographers” for not having a quality standard to at least learn the basics and a minimum of ethics daring to charge for their lousy images. Second, the clients, for not doing more research on the vendors past work and allotting a more reasonable budget for photography.

In other specialties you can see these bad apples too. At this moment I’m finishing  a video about the bad Real Estate photography you see daily in the MLS. (Post will come soon)

So, bargain hunters, beware! Always check out your vendors web page and portfolio. Check prices and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it surely is!