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Tips for Looking Beautiful in Photos

Let’s face it, we all want to look fabulous in photos!

You don’t need to be one lucky being to radiate gorgeousness in every Facebook post, Instagram photo, or family album shot. And in all reality, even the most celebrated  supermodels have shots they would love to hide from the world.

Here are five tricks of the trade to consider when an iPhone, iPad, digital camera, or professional photographer is pointed in your direction:

1.  No “Cheeses” Allowed
Whatever you do, don’t follow your mother and father’s advice from your days as a child. Just say no to “Cheeeeese!” Cheesy smiles tend to look quite unnatural.

Instead, try laughing or giggling a couple of moments before the photo is taken. This will light up your eyes and make you glow.

2. Avoid the Double Chin
Pay attention to your posture, and whatever you do don’t slouch. Try slightly turning your head and dropping your chin so you aren’t square with the camera.

Study photos of female actors and models on the red carpet, and you will discover they use this trick constantly.

3.  Use Lipstick Wisely
Don’t overdo it with your lipstick choice. Select a tone that goes nicely with your skin and makes your teeth appear pearly white. Professional makeup artists discovered long ago that blue or pink-based undertones tend to minimize yellow tones within the teeth.

The wrong color (one that is too dark or overly bright) can be a major eyesore and detract from your smile.

4. Whiten Your Teeth
Make every effort to have your teeth gleam. Take a visit to your dentist for a cleaning, invest in bleaching trays, or give whitening toothpaste a try. Keep your teeth clean, brushing them at least two times a day.

5. Pour Your Heart into It, Girl!
When a camera is pointed in your direction, smile with everything you’ve got. Wise beings throughout history have written about how the heart is reflected in a human being’s eyes — so show it off.

Show everybody the love that lives within your heart, allowing for the camera to catch your beauty!

Smile for the Camera… you never know who has it

Everybody likes taking pictures and with the proliferation of digital cameras and phones that are camera ready, you should not be very surprised if you find your image popping up somewhere.  In today’s times, it seems almost an afterthought to take a picture and do so anytime and just about anywhere….then get immediate viewing feedback.

What is our fascination with images and capturing moments in time? Is there a spirituality or survival aspect to wanting to capture the likeness of ourselves, our friends and family, and a host of many other things.  Certainly there must be a deeper reason for why we often feel compelled to snap off quick little images of the world around us.  Clearly, today’s technology makes this behavior even more convenient.  But capturing the likeness of things is not new.  After all, early human were scratching out and carving images of all sort of things hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Smile For the Camera

Image Credit: Flickr, Karen Roe

The motivations for capturing images of faces, things, and happenings are likely dependent on who you ask .  But one thing is for certain, it is a universal behavior, so it goes to the heart of who we are as human beings.  A still image allows us to freeze time for an instant to capture a memory and examine the scene in much greater detail.  As we interact in life, we often gloss over a lot of the detail, but once something is captured by a snapshot of an image, such details can be closely examined and appreciated.  There are so many things that can distract us from seeing the reality we are part of on an everyday basis. Sounds and competing images can keep us from seeing something for what it really is.  Only later when we have a chance to see the image of that special moment in time can we decipher all that is really occurring.  So curiosity is a motivator as well as our need to get in touch with those things that have happened in our lives.

There is also a sharing component to this endeavor of ours to capture still images.  We want our friends and family to see those things that we have seen and/or experienced.  It can be a way of documenting the things happening in our world or in the world.

We all love to remember and capture those moments that we cherish from the past.  Something about raising those emotions we felt around that image is enticing.  Much like a time machine, a photo of something in the past transports us to the past to relive the experience.

An image we have taken of the past can awaken old feelings and the entire effect can be powerful and stir up emotions that one hardly even knew they had.  And photography, while able to resurrect the past and all of those things associated with our feelings around those images, can also be an art form where people can express something “now” about why they captured on film in the past.  Hence a picture or series of images can reveal a lot of about a great many things.


Looking skinny in pictures 7 tips

Maybe not you’re necessarily unhappy with your body, but if you’re going to be showing a picture to the world on Facebook or Twitter or what have you, surely you want to look your best.
Here we’ll tell you how to pose, how to find your best angles, and all the things they try to teach you on America’s Next Top Model. You will not become Tyra Banks, but if you’re concerned about looking good, then I’ve got some excellent tips to look skinny in pictures you may be able to use!


1. Get the Camera above You
A lot of tips to look skinny in pictures are actually subtle little tricks that any pro photographer knows how to use. One such trick is to make sure that the camera above you. You don’t have to place it incredibly high; you can just hold it above your head or place it on a shelf that’s taller than you. Because of the angle, you’ll need to look up, which elongates your neck and makes you look wonderfully slim.

2. Watch Your Head
The position of your head actually makes a huge difference about how you look in a picture. You shouldn’t pull your head back at an angle, for instance. That can make your chin look longer, so even if you’re thin, your face will look much bigger. Instead, position your head forward; even if you have a double chin, that will minimize it and create the illusion of slimness.

3. Twist It
Positioning your body correctly is another great tip to look skinny in pictures. You don’t want to face the camera full on, because no matter what, that’s going to make you look larger. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders squared, and twist yourself away from the lens. You can instead turn halfway to the side, put one foot in front of your other one, and keep that toe pointing toward the camera, while your weight rests on your other foot.

4. Suck It In
This kind of goes without saying, except you’ve got to be careful about it. It’s important, again, to have terrific posture when you do this, with your back and shoulders straight. You only want to suck in your stomach a little – don’t do it so much that your ribs are visible. That makes it incredibly obvious to any viewer that you’re sucking in to look skinnier.

5. At Arms
The way you position your arms is vital if you want to look slim in a photo. You can either hold them out from your sides just a little, so that your upper arms don’t flatten, thereby looking wider, or you can turn three quarters away from the camera and put your hand on your hip. Not only will you look fierce, you’ll look skinny, too!

6. Wear Dark Clothing
Not every tip to look skinny in pictures involves the positioning of your body, though. How you dress makes a huge difference, as well. If you wear darker clothes, they will instantly slim you down. Black is always the new black for a reason, and besides that, the resulting picture will look wonderfully dramatic. Remember, the type of clothing you wear matters too – anything too large will make it look like you’re trying to hide something, while tight-fitting clothes will show bulges that aren’t even there.

7. Choose the Right ‘Do
The hairstyle you have can make you look thinner – or not – as well. If you know you’re going to be having pictures taken, try to avoid anything too sleek, like a ponytail pulled all the way back. Having tendrils of hair around your face creates a softness, taking away from any harsh angles that could make your head, neck, and shoulders look larger or wider than they are.

I really hope that my tips to look skinny in pictures have given you some great ideas. Bear in mind, you should love your body no matter what its shape or size. However, if you feel self conscious in front of the camera, there are some things you can do. Do you have any other tips on how to make yourself look stellar in a photo?


plus size fashion

Style Tips for Plus Sized Women

All the clothes in the malls seem to be made only for the skinny and thinner girls. Although more than 60 percent of American women fit into this category, the plus-size clothing market is notoriously underdeveloped. Many manufacturers use the same scale for all their clothing sizes, which often results in plus-size women being unable to find clothes that fit correctly. It’s almost like plus size women don’t even exist. But of course they do, and just because you’re a bigger girl it doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. These 10 tips can make plus-size dressing less of a challenge.

plus size fashion

1. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes
It’s important that you wear clothes that fit well. Some full figured women wear clothes that are too tight and look like they’re bursting at the seams. Others are so ashamed of their bodies, they try to hide under too big clothes. Neither is flattering for your body. Wear clothes that are your size, and you will immediately look better. Here’s a tip for pants: take them to a dressmaker and have them make the legs as straight as possible. It will make you look two sizes smaller.

2. No matter whether you are a 2 or a 22, you need to wear garments that respect your hourglass shape. I would suggest that you look for jackets without collars or pockets. Try to find jackets that have simple lines, and ones with “built in” shape by way of styling. It won’t be easy to find one of these “perfect” jackets from my experience.

3. Don’t be afraid of color. If you dress in one color from head to toe, you will elongate yourself visually, so you’ll look thinner. You can wear all white and red, colors that most sales people will tell you to avoid. Size doesn’t matter. Shape matters, and color matters. We are talking about respecting your hourglass shape and dressing strategically with the use of solid colors from head to toe. Patterns make you look bigger, so avoid them.

4. For casual attire, stick to pants and a top in one color; you’ll look taller and thinner.

5. Yes to V-Neck Tops. They look especially great on plus size women. If you like it, wear a slightly deeper neck too. V-necks elongate your look and bring the eye downwards.

6. Accesories are Very Important.  Here’s one area a lot of women don’t know about, and that’s how accessories affect their proportions. It’s really easy to take care of this: don’t carry or wear any type of jewelry that are tiny. What tiny things do is make you look bigger. It’s as simple as that.

This includes the bag you carry, jewelry, or any other type of accessory you’re thinking of including in your wardrobe. The bigger accessory the better is the motto for larger women.

7. Avoid garments that cling too much, but don’t wear baggy garments either. When considering fabric, you want the fabric to help shape your body type, not the other way around. You’ve seen women with the type of fabric that clings to them and every bulge or blip sticks out. That’s the body shaping the fabric, and it never works. So in general, stretchy types of fabric must be managed closely, as it can make things a lot worse for you.

Managing your body with fashion is done better with heavier fabrics like cotton or cotton canvas. They will shape you better than stretchy fabric, and gives you more control over how you look. Show off your figure with tailored garments that flatter.

8. Use Magazines for Inspiration. Don’t know what to do with those stack of Vogue’s sitting on top of your coffee table? Here’s an idea. Cut out the pictures with outfits that have peaked your interest and make a collage of them known in the fashion industry as an inspiration board. On those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear refer back to that collage. We find that Lucky magazine always has a number of outfits to draw inspiration from.

9. Forget the rules. When it comes to fashion and shopping for your plus size body, you have to forget the old outdated fashion rules. Yes, plus size women can wear horizontal stripes. Yes , plus size women can wear bright colors beyond a scarf. Yes, plus size women can wear shorts. It’s all about finding the right cut and style for your body.

10. Don’t wait to lose weight to look great. At the end of the day, whether your are happy with your body or trying to lose weight, you owe it to yourself to look and be your best no matter your size. Having great style has nothing to do with your size. It’s all about knowing your body and knowing what works for it. You don’t have to wait to lose those extra 10 pounds to wear a sexy dress.

tips para verte guapa

Trucos para salir bien en las fotos

En Camera Loves Me Photography nos especializamos en encontrar tu belleza y ayudarte a lucir tu esplendor cuidando de tu imagen hasta el último detalle. Los Books Fotográficos que producimos muestran las fotos mas sexys de ti, pero cuando estás en una salida o evento puede que no estemos ahí para ayudarte.

tips para verte guapa

Por ello, te hemos preparado estos tips para verte bien en las fotos y empezar a gozar cada vez que estés ante la cámara:

#1:Sonreír, pero no tanto.

Es importante poner buena cara al mal tiempo especialmente cuando nos están tomando una foto.  Sin embargo, no se debe forzar la sonrisa ya que luego puede parecer una mueca.Tampoco conviene reír a carcajadas, pues se marcan todas las líneas de expresión.  Lo mejor es una sonrisa suave.

#2:Colocarse al centro.

Resulta conveniente ponerse en medio del grupo, ya que los que salen a los extremos pueden verse un poco distorsionados. Además si la revista o el periódico necesita cortar a algún miembro de la foto, escogerá a los de los extremos.

#3:Huir de la bella o del bello. 

En el caso de la mujer, se debe evitar colocarse al lado de una fémina que parezca a  Miss Universo, ya que ella siempre se verá mejor con respecto al resto de las mujeres que estén cerca de ella.  En el caso de los hombres, se aconseja, si es mayor, no colocarse cerca del más joven.

#4:Huir de la persona alta.

Las personas bajitas, aunque estén delgadas, deben evitar ponerse junto a la más alta y si usted es la más alta no intente agacharse o inclinarse para verse del tamaño de los otros, ya que esto se ve raro.

#5:Esconder la pancita.

Si la preocupación son las libras de más, es mejor ponerse de lado.  Apretar el estómago para esconder la barriguita; muchas veces se ve ridículo.

#6:Recoger el cabello.

Si llevas el cabello suelto, procura despejar tu rostro. El cabello tapando la mitad de la cara no aporta ese misterio que uno cree.

#7:Sentir seguridad.

Practica constantemente delante del espejo hasta encontrar tu perfil y mejores poses, así la próxima vez que estés frente a una cámara, éstas te saldrán naturalmente, sin pensarlo.


Si te gustaron estos consejos, seguramente la idea de confiar en nosotros y hacerte una sesión fotográfica profesional te gustará más.

Entonces utiliza algunos de los medios de comunicación de nuestro sitio y reserva ahora mismo una cita. Confíanos todas tus necesidades fotográficas, sabemos como satisfacerte, ven y haz tu sesion YA!!!

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gisele bundchen

Por qué las modelos famosas siempre salen bien en las fotos?

La mayoría de las modelos famosas tienen adoptadas y ensayadas posturas a la hora de posar delante de los fotógrafos.

Estudia las fotos y poses de estas modelos. Te mostrarán el camino que debes seguir.

Gisele Bundchen

Brazillian model Gisele Bündchen at the Fashion Rio Verão 2007 – Photo: Tiago Chediak (Flickr)

Sé natural, eso es efectivo para ser fotogénico. Todos tenemos belleza, que se puede resaltar u ocultar, pero eso depende de tu actitud frente a la cámara.

No resulta conveniente poner la cara con la expresión “voy a salir horrible en esta foto”, porque así sucederá. Es importante sentirse seguro uno mismo y para ello puedes recordar todas esas cualidades de las que los demás te hablan, ya sea tu bella sonrisa o la intensidad de tu mirada.

Practica tu pose en un espejo, de esta manera evitarás la fotos desagradables.

No trates de imitar a nadie por que te verás fea. Sé tu misma.

Cómo mostrar actitud frente a la cámara:

Lo mejor para una postura natural es que apoyes todo el peso sobre un solo pie, eso ayuda mucho, y que tengas la espalda derecha, recuerda esto SIEMPRE.

Parate erguida, pero no tiesa. Tu cuello tiene que estar estirado, el mentón ligeramente adelantado, los hombros abiertos y el abdomen hacia adentro.

Si llevas tus hombros un poco hacia atrás, tus pechos lucirán mejor.

Ubica una pierna delante y la otra un poco hacia atrás, así tus piernas parecerán mas largas. Las rodillas deben estar ligeramente dobladas y los pies apuntando hacia delante.

Parecerás más delgada si giras uno de los hombros 3/4 hacia el frente.

Baja la barbilla un poco y empuja la cabeza hacia el frente.

Mira hacia la cámara, flirtea con la cámara, imagina que es alguien que te gusta.

Deja tus brazos libres, sin agarrar carteras u objetos con las manos, si lo haces que tus dedos esten lo mas estirados posible.

Sonrie ligeramente o adopta una mirada insinuante y provocativa.

Intenta resaltar tu punto fuerte (ojos, boca, pelo, pecho, hombros, piernas, dependiendo del tipo de enfoque realizado – cuerpo entero, 3/4 de cuerpo, medio cuerpo, busto, rostro, o 3/4 de rostro)

Practica constantemente delante de un espejo hasta encontrar tu perfil y mejores poses, las modelos no nacieron así, lo han aprendido, así que practica, y antes de lo que piensas seras toda una profesional posando.

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tips para verte bien

Tips para verte bien delante de la cámara

Muchas personas se sienten incómodas a la hora de tomarse una foto y exponen miles de excusas para evitarlas, pero en la era de Facebook y MySpace cada fiesta, salida o evento se transforma en álbum de foto, al acceso de todos en internet. Hoy más que nunca es súper importante saber improvisar como si fuéramos modelos y sacar lo mejor de nosotras mismas.

No basta con haber comprado ropa estupenda ni haberse esforzado en el maquillaje, también hay que saber poner la mejor pose.

tips para verte bien

Por ello, te hemos preparado estos tips para verte más guapa ante la cámara y empezar a gozar de todas tus fotos como si fueras una modelo haciéndote un book de fotografías:

Destacar lo que más te gusta de tu cuerpo: Siempre hay una parte del cuerpo que gusta más, acentúalo con colores, estilos y formas diferentes.

Esconder aquello que no te gusta: Si tus caderas son anchas o tu panza es abultada disimula estas zonas vistiendo prendas con colores oscuros. Por ejemplo puedes buscar un estilo que minimice tu cola y destaque tu busto y cuello. Puedes elegir blusas, remeras o vestidos corte princesa que favorezcan tu figura y disimulen una cintura ancha. Si tienes un abdomen prominente usa vestido ligeramente entallados o sueltos.

Para verte más delgada: párate con un pie ligeramente frente al otro y gira tu cuerpo en un ángulo suave. Poner tus manos sobre la cadera hace que en automático tu cintura se vea más pequeña.

Si estás sentada: inclínate hacia delante y deja tus codos sobre las rodillas. Esta posición esconde las piernas más gruesas.

Sonríe: verte feliz y animada se revela sobre la imagen, dándote más vida que cualquier accesorio.

Escoge tus colores: a la hora de seleccionar tu ropa, opta por las prendas que más jueguen a tu favor y mucho ojo con los colores, elige aquellos que más resalten la complexión natural de tu piel y no sólo los que están de moda.

Ojeras o bolsas debajo de los ojos: levanta un poco la barbilla para huir de la sombra y esconder en la luz las señales delatadoras de las desveladas.

Finalmente, siempre trata de arreglarte aunque sea con un poco de máscara y gloss antes de salir, retoca tu maquilla al final de la jornada o al ir del trabajo a una fiesta, nunca sabes cuando te puede capturar la cámara y siempre querrás verte bien.

Y ahora estas lista para los flashes? Coméntanos que te pareció el artículo o regálanos un “+1” en Google o un Me Gusta en Facebook.

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