Fotoshop by Adobe

Fotoshop by Adobé

It’s no secret that Photoshopping images of models and celebrities is a regular and controversial part of the way that the advertising industry works. And while some companies, like Dove, are working to debunk the damaging and physically-impossible standards for the human body that the industry perpetuates, filmmaker Jesse Rosten has a different idea.

Why not just turn that Photoshop brand into a spinoff line of cosmetics and prey on women’s insecurities that way?

Fotoshop by Adobe

The video, shot by Jesse Rosten, features three models in before and after shots while a voiceover lists the benefits of Photoshop as if it were a beauty product and slimming aid.

It is accompanied by the tagline ‘This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.’

I use PS to retouch my professional beauty images, but I have to admit, too many of the published images I see look ridiculous. Plastic skin, no pores, no nothing. There’s way too much PS out there… don’t you think?