Hitler posing for the camera while practising his speeches

Never seen before pictures that appear to show Adolf Hitler rehearsing for his hate-filled speeches have come to the public sight.

Hitler posing

The album, features black and white images of the Nazi leader in a series of poses, using expressive face and hand gestures, which he would practise and review before addressing the German public. Once he saw the pictures, he would decide whether to incorporate the various gestures and poses into his speeches and appearances.

Hitler  posing

Hitler 3

Hitler 4

The photos, taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, were apparently intended to give the Führer an insight into how he looked to the German public.

Hitler 5

Hitler 6

The photographs, taken in the late 1920s, were later banned from being published by Hitler for being “beneath one’s dignity”.

Hitler 7

Hitler 8

The vetoed pictures were reportedly stored in Hoffmann’s studio until his arrest at the end of the war and disappeared into various archives.
Hitler 9

Hitler 10

But they were published in Hoffmann’s memoirs entitled Hitler was my Friend in the 1950s, which have now been re-issued in English.

Hitler 11

Hitler 12

Historian Roger Moorhouse, who wrote the book’s introduction, said: “We have this image now of Hitler almost as a buffoon. But these pictures show he experimented with his own image. He was a very modern politician in that way.”

Hitler 13
Hitler 14

Hoffmann, who introduced Hitler to his then-studio assistant Eva Braun, survived the war and spent four years in prison for Nazi profiteering. He died in 1957, aged 72.

Photo Source: HHoffmann/BNPS