plus size fashion

Style Tips for Plus Sized Women

All the clothes in the malls seem to be made only for the skinny and thinner girls. Although more than 60 percent of American women fit into this category, the plus-size clothing market is notoriously underdeveloped. Many manufacturers use the same scale for all their clothing sizes, which often results in plus-size women being unable to find clothes that fit correctly. It’s almost like plus size women don’t even exist. But of course they do, and just because you’re a bigger girl it doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. These 10 tips can make plus-size dressing less of a challenge.

plus size fashion

1. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes
It’s important that you wear clothes that fit well. Some full figured women wear clothes that are too tight and look like they’re bursting at the seams. Others are so ashamed of their bodies, they try to hide under too big clothes. Neither is flattering for your body. Wear clothes that are your size, and you will immediately look better. Here’s a tip for pants: take them to a dressmaker and have them make the legs as straight as possible. It will make you look two sizes smaller.

2. No matter whether you are a 2 or a 22, you need to wear garments that respect your hourglass shape. I would suggest that you look for jackets without collars or pockets. Try to find jackets that have simple lines, and ones with “built in” shape by way of styling. It won’t be easy to find one of these “perfect” jackets from my experience.

3. Don’t be afraid of color. If you dress in one color from head to toe, you will elongate yourself visually, so you’ll look thinner. You can wear all white and red, colors that most sales people will tell you to avoid. Size doesn’t matter. Shape matters, and color matters. We are talking about respecting your hourglass shape and dressing strategically with the use of solid colors from head to toe. Patterns make you look bigger, so avoid them.

4. For casual attire, stick to pants and a top in one color; you’ll look taller and thinner.

5. Yes to V-Neck Tops. They look especially great on plus size women. If you like it, wear a slightly deeper neck too. V-necks elongate your look and bring the eye downwards.

6. Accesories are Very Important.  Here’s one area a lot of women don’t know about, and that’s how accessories affect their proportions. It’s really easy to take care of this: don’t carry or wear any type of jewelry that are tiny. What tiny things do is make you look bigger. It’s as simple as that.

This includes the bag you carry, jewelry, or any other type of accessory you’re thinking of including in your wardrobe. The bigger accessory the better is the motto for larger women.

7. Avoid garments that cling too much, but don’t wear baggy garments either. When considering fabric, you want the fabric to help shape your body type, not the other way around. You’ve seen women with the type of fabric that clings to them and every bulge or blip sticks out. That’s the body shaping the fabric, and it never works. So in general, stretchy types of fabric must be managed closely, as it can make things a lot worse for you.

Managing your body with fashion is done better with heavier fabrics like cotton or cotton canvas. They will shape you better than stretchy fabric, and gives you more control over how you look. Show off your figure with tailored garments that flatter.

8. Use Magazines for Inspiration. Don’t know what to do with those stack of Vogue’s sitting on top of your coffee table? Here’s an idea. Cut out the pictures with outfits that have peaked your interest and make a collage of them known in the fashion industry as an inspiration board. On those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear refer back to that collage. We find that Lucky magazine always has a number of outfits to draw inspiration from.

9. Forget the rules. When it comes to fashion and shopping for your plus size body, you have to forget the old outdated fashion rules. Yes, plus size women can wear horizontal stripes. Yes , plus size women can wear bright colors beyond a scarf. Yes, plus size women can wear shorts. It’s all about finding the right cut and style for your body.

10. Don’t wait to lose weight to look great. At the end of the day, whether your are happy with your body or trying to lose weight, you owe it to yourself to look and be your best no matter your size. Having great style has nothing to do with your size. It’s all about knowing your body and knowing what works for it. You don’t have to wait to lose those extra 10 pounds to wear a sexy dress.