Tips for Looking Beautiful in Photos

Let’s face it, we all want to look fabulous in photos!

You don’t need to be one lucky being to radiate gorgeousness in every Facebook post, Instagram photo, or family album shot. And in all reality, even the most celebrated  supermodels have shots they would love to hide from the world.

Here are five tricks of the trade to consider when an iPhone, iPad, digital camera, or professional photographer is pointed in your direction:

1.  No “Cheeses” Allowed
Whatever you do, don’t follow your mother and father’s advice from your days as a child. Just say no to “Cheeeeese!” Cheesy smiles tend to look quite unnatural.

Instead, try laughing or giggling a couple of moments before the photo is taken. This will light up your eyes and make you glow.

2. Avoid the Double Chin
Pay attention to your posture, and whatever you do don’t slouch. Try slightly turning your head and dropping your chin so you aren’t square with the camera.

Study photos of female actors and models on the red carpet, and you will discover they use this trick constantly.

3.  Use Lipstick Wisely
Don’t overdo it with your lipstick choice. Select a tone that goes nicely with your skin and makes your teeth appear pearly white. Professional makeup artists discovered long ago that blue or pink-based undertones tend to minimize yellow tones within the teeth.

The wrong color (one that is too dark or overly bright) can be a major eyesore and detract from your smile.

4. Whiten Your Teeth
Make every effort to have your teeth gleam. Take a visit to your dentist for a cleaning, invest in bleaching trays, or give whitening toothpaste a try. Keep your teeth clean, brushing them at least two times a day.

5. Pour Your Heart into It, Girl!
When a camera is pointed in your direction, smile with everything you’ve got. Wise beings throughout history have written about how the heart is reflected in a human being’s eyes — so show it off.

Show everybody the love that lives within your heart, allowing for the camera to catch your beauty!